Midobon” is a liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) gas cylinder, a device for making carbonated water, and a carbonated water maker.

Midobon” is a liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) gas cylinder, a device for making carbonated water, and a carbonated water maker.

Normally, you would use the accompanying liquefied carbon dioxide gas cylinder, but that costs about 50 yen for a 200 cc glass of carbonated water.

Although it is cheaper than commercially available bottles of carbonated water, it is not much cheaper when it is sold at a discount price.

Therefore, most people use mid-bottle instead of the accompanying bottles.

Midobon is a liquefied carbon dioxide gas cylinder for professional use, mainly used in beer servers.

It is said that you can make soda water for about 3 yen per glass with this cylinder.

Flea, being a cheap guy, decided to go for it the moment he heard about it.

Midobon is said to be hard to find, and it is said that “midobon” is obtained at liquor stores, but we were informed that liquor stores do not sell it very often.

Midbon, they said, is only for beer servers and cannot be sold if used for other purposes.

Of course, liquor stores are not licensed to sell gas, so they only carry Midbon for beer servers owned by beer makers such as Asahi Breweries and Kirin Breweries.

The beer makers rent the mid-bottle to restaurants and other establishments that use their own beer servers.

It makes sense that they would not sell to those who do not use their own beer servers, and the midbottle is kindly labeled as not for use in beauty salons, water tanks, or for home use.

If a liquor store sells Midbon to someone who uses it for purposes other than as a beer server, they are selling it to someone who is not a beer server.

Therefore, when purchasing Midobon, they are asked strictly about the purpose of use, and if it turns out to be for use other than as a beer server, they will not sell it at all.

If it turns out to be for other than beer server use, they will not sell it to you at all.

I am not sure of the truth of this, but it seems that it is very difficult to get one.

As for other places other than liquor stores, I heard that business supermarkets carry it, but when I called two nearby business supermarkets to ask about it, they said they did not carry it.

It was a false report.

Midobon is said to be hard to find, but recently it can be easily obtained on the Internet.

However, the price is high.

Moreover, it is a hassle to replenish the bottle when it is used up.

That is why it is best to buy it at a liquor store.

So I called a nearby liquor store called “Big Ricky” and asked about it.

When asked what I was going to use it for, I was going to say, “I’m going to buy a beer server and I’m buying it for that purpose.

This way, if they came to my house to check on me, it would not be a problem, since I had not yet bought the beer server.

I asked him, “Do you have carbon dioxide cylinders on hand for use with the beer server? I was surprised to hear that he was waiting for me.

When I went to the store, they asked me a lot of questions, and I didn’t want to be told that they would not sell the cylinders, but if that happened, I was planning to back out.

I went to the store and said, “I’m the person you called earlier,” and they readily brought me the Midbon.

I was really surprised.

Midbon is quite heavy.

I thought it weighed 5K, but 5K means the amount of internal organs, and the total weight is about 15K.

When I brought it home, it is still bizarre.

I had never seen anything like this before, so I was afraid that it might explode.

However, I have never heard of any accidents involving midbones.

A quick Google search reveals that there has been one accident in the past, but it seems to have been caused by the unique way the cylinders are used.

Note that there are precautions written on the surface of the midbon.

It should not be placed at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, should not be applied directly to the human body, should not be laid flat, etc., but it does not seem to be that difficult to maintain.

Now, a special adapter is required for connection.

We have made arrangements for that separately, but it has not arrived yet.

I will report when it arrives.